Emotional Support

Most women are emotionally devastated at the prospect of having breast cancer and facing the necessary treatments. This is not something you should do alone. Families, natural or chosen, can be incredible sources of strength in this situation. But sometimes, a woman can feel quite alone in her cancer experience despite being surrounded by those who love her. In this setting, having other women who have gone through what she has, and to whom she does not feel so emotionally tied, can be very helpful. A number of breast cancer support groups, local and national, on-line and in your neighborhood, formal and informal, are available to link women who are newly diagnosed with those who have survived. These women form a chain of support, each one reaching forward to those who have survived beyond them, and back to those who are not so far along in their journey. In this way, no woman has to face breast cancer alone.

Copyright 2008 by Janet Grange, MD