Wigs and Such


Losing one’s hair during chemotherapy can be the most feared part of a woman’s breast cancer treatment plan. Fortunately, the hair grows back (often thicker with a bit of a wave…) and a good wig can make all the difference while waiting for the regrowth. If chemotherapy has been recommended, it is a good idea to plan for the hair loss up front so that it is not so devastating when it happens. Visiting a wig salon before you begin chemotherapy so that the stylist can help you choose a wig that looks like “you” can make the ordeal much easier. Some insurance plans will cover a wig as part of the cancer treatment so it is worth checking individual policies – a good wig salon can help with this process.

A number of organizations dedicated to supporting women as they undergo treatment for breast cancer are active locally and nationally:

  • The American Cancer Society provides wigs and hats free of charge through their local chapters and they can be contacted by calling (800) ACS-2345.
  • The Look Good, Feel Better Project provides resources for women undergoing cancer treatment to maintain their confidence and appearance during the treatment. - http://www.lookgoodfeelbetter.org/
  • Bravadas is a wig salon located at 79th & Dodge in Omaha, NE that specializes in the particular needs of women undergoing chemotherapy, and they also have a breast prosthesis department that offers some comfortable options for the active woman. They can be contacted at (40....


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